What is Pilates?

Pilates is Strength. Pilates is Stretch. Pilates is Control of your entire body. Pilates is a Practice.

If you ask someone who has been practicing Pilates to answer that, they may have a hard time describing it and what makes it different from other methods of exercise. But they won't have a hard time describing the benefits. Have a bad back? Pilates will help. Have pain in your body? Pilates will help. An athlete? SOOOO many pros practice Pilates. Are you stiff and inflexible? Pilates will help. Surgery or an injury? Well you get it. Pilates. It can be practiced BY ANYONE and is FOR EVERYONE. .....well everyone that wants to have a super strong, flexible, healthy and pain free body. Is that you?


The Studio

The Pilates. The Place. The Studio.

The Studio is the place to get the best Pilates Instruction in the warmest most welcoming and fun environment. It is THE STUDIO, because it is YOUR STUDIO. We host you for Private Instruction and a variety of classes so you can find the right fit for your level and schedule. It is authentic Pilates Instruction and practice from highly skilled and certified instructors with extensive knowledge about the human body and it's mechanics. No matter what your fitness level or goals, we have a place for you here! Begin your journey with Pilates and get stronger, move better, alleviate stiffness and pain, and enjoy the vitality that practicing Pilates can provide!